Begin your getaway in our grotto, surrounded by candlelight and relaxed by aromatherapy.  Enjoy a 30-minute soak in our hydrotherapy tub as pulsating water massages your body.

Your escape continues with a 30-minute therapeutic massage that will ease tension and enhance circulation. Feel the stress leave your body as tired muscles are soothed and your mind wanders to a calming place.

Next, Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize with our mini-facial to renew, refresh and reveal a healthy glow.

Our spectacular rainforest shower will be your last stop.  Four side jets provide the optimal body massage while an overhead jet simulates the gentle spray of a tropical rain forest. Your final destination is our relaxation area, where cozy couches provide the ultimate resting place.

*This promotion can only be paid for by cash, check or gift certificate.  

$99 Pumpkin Spice Exfolaiting Glow Scrub – September through Thanksgiving

A blend of oil and natural sugar is applied to the entire body followed by a moisturizer. This treatment exfoliates and conditions, revealing soft, glowing skin that is smooth to the touch.

Join us for Matawan Day on Saturday, October 13th. 

$80 Mini Microdermabrasion – September through November

This 30 minute treatment works by propelling ultra-fine aluminum oxide micro crystals across the surface of the skin, gently exfoliating and then vacuuming dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and more even complexion. This treatment stimulates the production of new skin cells, collagen and elastin, further improving the skin’s appearance and decreasing sun damage. A complimentary consultation will be received before any services are rendered.

Regularly $110

$50 Mini Glycolic Peel – September Only

This 30 minute treatment takes exfoliation to a new level. This treatment offers a slightly more aggressive from of exfoliation through the application of Glycolic acid to the face, leaving you with fresh new skin and promoting further healthy cell growth.  A complimentary consultation will be received before any services are rendered.

Regularly $65

Look out for information regarding our 2nd Annual Ghoul’s Night Out on Thursday, October 25th.