Eye Lash Extensions – 200.
Our certified esthetician applies individual extensions to each of your existing lashes to create a dramatic fuller, longer, and thicker look. We only use Nova Lash extension products for high quality and long lasting results.

2 Week Lash Fill – 70.
To replenish any lash loss after wearing for 2 weeks.

3 Week Lash Fill – 100.
To replenish any lash loss after wearing for 3 weeks.

Oncology Massage {temporarily unavailable}
A specialized massage for those living with cancer that can, with gentle touch provide quality of life, and relief from pain and stress. Has potential to lessen the side effects commonly associated with cancer treatments.

Doctor’s permission in writing is required for this service.
30min – 55.
60min – 90.
90min – 130.

Eye Brow Tinting – 25.
With a hint of tint you can flaunt natural, full-looking brows that create a polished & put-together look on every face! Our esthetician will custom-blend colors that can take brows from fair & barely there to full and flattering in minutes.

Eye Lash Tinting – 30.
This is a great service for redheads and blonds who have fair lashes or for anyone who wants their lashes to appear darker.